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Your Dream Wedding – Make It Sparkle!

To all the brides and grooms reading this while in the heat of wedding event planning: take a deep breath before checking out any further.

If this is your umpteenth short article of the day, or if you read this on your lunch break, frantic to find inspiration for the wedding day: take another deep breath.

While getting married is certainly one of the most spectacular events in your life, the real wedding preparation can take a lot out of you. I have actually known several couples who have started their marital bliss quarrelling about the wedding. Also, check my company and read how to display the wedding sparklers.

wedding sparkle

Now back to the real topic at hand.

If you are among those couples who are looking to add a little bit of glamour and glitz to the big day, keep reading to check out a few of our concepts on how to add that additional bling to your occasion– without taking it overboard.

How Do You Utilize A Sparkler At A Wedding Event?

There are definitely no set guidelines of how they must be used. I started this company dreaming that a couple would utilize them the method I utilized them– for my wedding exit. I had my guests– or at least the ones that were staying– form 2 lines and each hold a lit sparkler. I then, with my other half, ran in between the rows of visitors holding the sparklers to the cheers of my extremely fired up pals!

Some individuals like to utilize them for their first dance– if they are having the wedding outside. The 36-inch wedding event sparklers are the best choice for this activity as they last as long as the majority of songs. 

This is such a romantic method to utilize them. The couple will radiance in the 4 minutes of the first dance and the visitors will all have vibrant energy surrounding you with such enjoyable sparkle. I enjoy this concept but know this is restricted to just outside weddings.

Other individuals utilize the wedding sparklers to introduce the party at the reception. This should be a Northern thing, due to the fact that we don’t introduce people in the South. I have talked to numerous couples who are using them this way– I would enjoy seeing a video of it for myself. Send me videos, buddies!

I would say the last method people utilize is as a favour to the visitors. Since they can not be taken on aircraft and I would hate for someone to inadvertently pack them into a travel suitcase, not the best idea.

The Length Of Time Do Sparklers Last?

We have sparklers that have been made in the very same factory in China for over 100 years. I am relying on their process, as I have actually utilized them for 15 years as my supplier.

Other Ways To Utilize The Best Sparklers For Weddings

While the send-off is without a doubt the most popular usage for wedding event sparklers, there are lots of other ways you might include them. Here are a few other concepts:

  • Advise your visitors to light their sparklers throughout your first kiss as a couple. This will make that special minute even more wonderful.
  • Have your professional photographer develop methods to use sparklers in your wedding event pictures. Sparklers are excellent for light writing, making images or words appear in photographs.
  • Adding sparklers to your wedding event cake is a fantastic idea. You can embellish your whole cake with sparklers for a grand entry. Likewise, try including a small sparkler in each breeze for a special touch.
  • Have your visitors light their sparklers and gather around for your first dance. This makes for a magical, memorable minute.
  • Utilize them as additional design. By including a themed ribbon or positioning them in a rustic bucket, your sparklers will contribute to the appeal of your special day
  • Send any additional sparklers house with your guests as a wedding favour. Your visitors will be able to delight in the sparklers and remember your big day.

What Is The Difference Between Wedding Sparklers And Regular Sparklers?

The only way to accomplish this is by choosing ones that are gold in colour and used steel instead of wood. Any other type will produce smoke. This is among the greatest distinctions between wedding sparklers and routine ones.

How Long Does A 20-inch Sparkler Last?

Roughly 120 seconds. Numerous newlyweds choose our 20″ Wedding Sparklers to record spectacular Wedding Images by benefiting from the soft warm golden light glow they produce. Each sparkler lasts roughly 120 seconds, providing ample time for your photographer to catch the ideal send-off photo.


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