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Ruggero Coffee Machine Manual And Video

ruggero coffee machine

My father just recently got the Ruggero coffee machine and I thought I would share my thoughts on the machine so you can make an informed decision. When searching online for coffee makers I came across Ruggero and knew right away this was going to be the best coffee maker money could buy. Easy sipping control over the volume and time. Features, craftsmanship and excellence in every aspect of the coffee making process. Best Features – Light, long and high hi-visors that give absolute hands-free control over the volume of every single cup.


He even had a large hi-visor that covered about half of the front of the coffee machine. The main highlight of the machine was the two colour changing LED display panels. There were a red high-visor and a lovely amber coloured body with a light panel behind it. The design of the light panel gave it an almost 3D effect when you turned it on and off. The only other thing I noticed was that the machine tended to leak a little bit and required a little more attention in the maintenance.


This is an outstanding machine, if you are thinking about buying a rugged coffee machine then this is the one for you. The price is right and you get a lot from this machine. My dad really liked his new machine and even asked me to get him a video of it in action so he could see how well it worked. So my advice to you is to check out the Ruggero Espresso Machine manual and watch the videos to see exactly how easy and user friendly this machine is. If you want to be able to make great tasting latte’s, espresso’s and cappuccinos then you will want to add this machine to your list of kitchen appliances.

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