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Remedial Massage at Mooroopna

The town of Mooroopna, situated in Kerala’s Kumarakom district is well known for many natural wonders. One such wonder is the presence of a large community of Ayuvedha monks from the southern part of Kerala who reside at the Aarya ashram. This tranquil and scenic village is also an important destination for many tourists who visit Kerala to enjoy the refreshing natural beauty it has to offer. One of the most sought after destinations in this part of Kerala is the town of Mooroopna which is popular for its rich flora and fauna and natural springs.


One can find a number of resorts and spa services in this tranquil area. The resort and the salon offers a host of remedial massage services to the guests who come here for relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization. The resort also offers regular massages, eczema and skin care treatment at its wellness centre which can be availed of during any time of the day.


The resort offers a complete range of spa services including sauna treatment, mud bath, hydrotherapy and deep tissue massage besides the remedial massage. Among these, the hydrotherapy is considered as the most popular as it is known for treating many ailments and improving general health of the body. The mud bath is also immensely popular and widely used, as it not only helps in purifying the blood but also helps in removing all the harmful toxins. The remedial massage is one of the mainstays of the massaging services offered at the remedial massage Mooroopna and hence there is a regular demand for the service.

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