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Platform Bed Frame

bed frames wellington

If you want a bed that will complement the rest of your bedroom then it’s time to look into buying some bed frames. Bed frames wellington in NZ feature traditional wooden bed frames with hardwood pulls, providing a welcoming traditional feel to your bed and the room. These quality bed frames feature tufted arms and wood supports to provide the support your bed needs to be a quality piece of furniture. You will also find wood bed frames have been given a contemporary edge with metal bed frames for a look that is both classic and contemporary. You will find wellington beds available in a wide range of colours including natural wood shades such as pine or cedar, white, natural or brown wood tones, natural or lime green and many more.

Offering Storage Space Under Your Bed

Wellington platform bed frames feature a simple elegance to them, giving your bed a look and feel that says home. With platform bed frames you are able to make use of all the space under your bed, without having to make sacrifices elsewhere. Bestselling items in the Wellington bed frames range are platform bed frames in NZ offering storage space in handy pull out drawers beneath. These contemporary beds provide the practicality and organisation that you require to keep your room looking good and well organised.

Wellingtons platform bed frames in the colour of brown and natural wood tones are available in various sizes, styles and designs to suite all bedroom needs. You can choose from wood platform 10 drawers that have been painted to match the oak, mahogany or pine of your bedroom furniture. You can choose a sleek modern design or an older style that has been beautifully hand carved by a professional. The unique and intricate designs used in the construction will add character and sophistication to your room. Whatever style you prefer, you will be able to find the platform 10 drawer bed frame that suits you perfectly.

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