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Keratin Hair Extension Advantages

Keratin hair extension by Great Lengths are designed to add length and volume to your natural hair. These hair extension experts use their cutting-edge technology to safely add length and body to hair that may be thinning or fine-tuning. If you’ve been thinking about adding a few extra inches of hair but have been put off because of the cost, there is no need to worry! Great Lengths hair extensions are the answer to your prayers. They provide many with the longest lasting hair that they can imagine while keeping their budget under control. Click here extens-hair.com

A Brief Instruction on Wigs and Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions are handcrafted from the highest quality kytonutrients available. They are fused together using a fusion technique that securely fuses strands of hair keratin extension with the strands of your natural hair to create a one of a kind look that can last up to six months with proper care. Because the fusion technique does not weaken the bond between the hair extension and your scalp, you can be sure that your new hair will have no chance of falling out or fraying even after several washes. Cold-fusion utilizes ultrasound technology to bond the keratin hair extension to your own hair, offering the safest method to attach unwanted hair to your scalp. Keratin hair extension experts are certified by Great Lengths in the United States.

The great thing about keratin extensions is that they are so easy to use! Once the adhesive has been applied to your own hair, simply brush or tweeze your way around to the ends to remove the glue and then brush or shake your way through using your normal hair care products. Great Lengths recommends that you use a keratin growth shampoo every day to keep your extension’s looking great. After the initial bonding process, you will just need to use your everyday hair care products to keep them looking healthy.

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