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Fun Hen Party Games

I think we can all agree that there is one role, which genuinely takes the tension cake. If you’re just a few weeks out from the huge day (the hens party, that is; not the day of lower significance that follows it) and you still have not arranged anything more than a new dress and a bangin’ playlist, no worries! We’ve got you covered by visiting here to know more about our top hen party games.


Fortunate Opportunity Dance


For preparation, you need a list of tunes likely to be played throughout the day and night. All the songs require to be written on a slip of paper and put in a bowl. When the day starts, each visitor chooses a tune name and if and when the tune plays (either at the hen’s occasion or, better yet, out on the town later that night) whoever drew the tune needs to dance to it until it ends. If you ‘d rather a more private party, why not hire some devices and turn your living room into the supreme disco celebration where you can dance the night away.


Girls, Lesbians, Best Friends, Female


Hen Scavenger Hunt


Divide into groups. Each team is offered a list of items, a bag to put them in plus a finish time and area to meet up (to be super-organised, have the time, area and your contact number printed on the list, kudos for getting them laminated). The team to gather the most items and finish the most obstacles in the time are the winners. Award bonus offer marks for the best products and photos. Picture obstacles should be texted to the adjudicator/games mistress’s phone.


Balloon Concerns


Another one to make your bride squirm and get all the hens on a united front is the Balloon Question video game. Each hen composes a question on a notepad, puts it inside a balloon and inflates it. Throughout the night, your bride-to-be chooses a balloon to pop and responses whatever question she finds. There are no limits on the line of questioning, so do not be afraid to make your bride-to-be do a forfeit if she doesn’t respond to. If you wish to get the entire group involved, why not play our Truth or Dare Balloon Pop Game? There are various methods you can play this one, however basically, when a hen pops her balloon she must inform whatever fact or do whatever dare lies in waiting …



Pass the Dare


Prior to the hen’s party, the hen’s party organiser must cover dares as you would a traditional pass the parcel game. Make the dares as amusing & as embarrassing as possible! Get the guests to bring in a circle. Play some enjoyable music & randomly stop the music. Whoever the parcel stops at, needs to open a layer of paper. If a dare is discovered inside, they need to act it out! Make certain you strategically stop the parcel on the mother-of-the-bride typically. There is nothing funnier than seeing her act out something humiliating or risqué!


Pass the Balloon


This enjoyable hen party activity doesn’t involve drinking, so after a few of the heavy-drinking games, it’s most likely your party will be alleviated to play this one. Explode two balloons and divide the party into two teams. Have each group arrange into 2 rows and have staff member pass the balloons up each line without utilizing their hands. The first string to get their balloon to the end wins! Principle: if any employee pops the balloon or drops, they should begin again.


Sexy Sculpting … “Go Nuts”

Develop something that represents the bride. You can make it as competitive as you like and get votes for the finest shapes.


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