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Do’s And Don’ts Of Storing A Wedding Dress

Do’s And Don’ts Of Storing A Bridal Gown

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After your wedding event, it is always best to store and safeguard your bridal gown to avoid expensive damages. Special boxes and gown covers are on offer, which you can acquire to store and safeguard your wedding event gown, but it is important that you pick one that fits your pricey gown completely.

It is additionally desirable that you practice the following do’s and don’ts to ensure that your gown remains in a remarkable condition at all times:


Ensure that your gown is cleaned before you keep and safeguard it. This can be done right after your honeymoon or perhaps ask your housemaid of honour or a family member to send it to the dry cleaners the day after your wedding. 

It is important to choose a respectable business that specializes in bridal gown cleaning, considering that their trained eyes have the ability to pick up marks and discolourations that can be challenging to detect by yourself, Looking for a Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialist in Brisbane? Check mydressbox.com.au for more details!

If storing after the wedding event, do have the dress cleaned up, by a dry cleaner who specialises in cleaning up a bridal gown. Cleaning gets rid of discolourations that may reveal in the future and cleansing fluid can be an insect deterrent.

A Bridal Gown Storage Box needs to be strong enough to eliminate light, safeguard from dust and accident, be of a breathable material i.e., not plastic, and be pH neutral i.e. include no acid or alkali. A box made of the heavy board with a fitted cover will safeguard from insects offering there are no spaces between cover and base.

You can frame your wedding dress– although they can be a bit more pricey, it’s a lovely way of framing your wedding gown as a piece of art.

As soon as your gown is stored away safely and safely, you ought to examine it every few months to be specific nothing has happened unexpectedly. You may require to consider re-packing your bridal gown at least once a year to prevent any creases from ending up being irreversible.


If you are preparing to give your bridal gown to your children or relatives, it is highly advised that you save and preserve it in a quality bridal gown box, instead of in an easy plastic dress cover. 

Plastic dress covers do not allow changes in humidity and they can not acceptably safeguard your dress from light. Therefore, they are not suitable for permanent storage.

Never Keep Your Dress In The Attic. Believe Roof Leaks Or Wasps’ Nest

It’s fine to hang your dress in the short-term, but don’t do it for a long.

NEVER EVER wrap the bridal gown in BLACK tissue paper. All coloured tissue paper consists of colour which will impact the dress. 

Place the dress in a truly dark location, and tissue paper ought to be white and acid-free. Although OKAY short-term, don’t hang a dress on a wall mount long term, to avoid stress on the joints and shape.

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