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CryptoMojo – Second Edition

The third popular type of CryptoMojo currency, ether, is a hybrid between a digital asset and a digital currency. It is also known as a “colored coin.” The concept behind colored coins is that each unit of ether can have a different value due to how they were created. This is the reason why different countries have different values of ether, such as a South African token can be purchased at a cheaper rate in the United States than a dollar.

The mindset of WINNING in CryptoMojo

Feathercoin is another well-known digital currency. Like Peercoin, it has an open-source platform and is based upon PPC marketing techniques. Although it does not use PPC as its currency, it uses the same PPC-like mechanism in order to allow users to exchange PPC for Feathercoin. Feathercoin is traded between two different parties, usually businesses or individuals who are members of this network. This allows people to use Feathercoin to buy or sell other types of goods without using their real money.

The value of these digital assets will vary based on supply and demand. However, most experts agree that ether should never be worth less than one hundred dollars. Because ether is so difficult to create, the supply of it is limited.

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