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Choosing the Right Crane Hire Services

crane hire

Basic crane hire is fairly easy; if you need an individual or a licensed operator to operate a crane on your construction site then you could just hire the crane yourself. But this only means that the crane would be your liability while on your construction site. Whereas full service crane hire which is when you hire an entire crane company with all the operators, crew, equipment and tracking facilities to work on your project is the best choice. Full service crane hire requires full payment for the crane hire and the machinery as well. It is also advantageous for companies who have a high turnover rate and do not have time to make personal contact with each crane hire company.

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With this you are able to form a contract with full service companies so that they provide you with a full guarantee on the date, time, price and the number of cranes they will be providing on the job. Although this would require a greater investment than normal, you are guaranteed to get the best available cranes on the market. If you are looking for a crane hire company then always go for full service, which offers you a guarantee on the date, time, price and the number of cranes on the job.


Before you sign any contracts always ensure that you read all the fine print so that you are completely aware. Two main issues that most people tend to overlook are the weight limit and the warranty on the equipment. The weight limit should be based on the total height of the equipment, and the warranty ensures that if there is a defect or damage done to the equipment during the period of the contract then it will replace it free of charge. In addition, always look into the various types of cranes available. There are both hand operated and mechanical cranes and there are also electric ones. The most important thing that you should remember about these two main factors is that you should go for the one that gives you the maximum amount of leverage in your lifting operations.

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