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Migration And Employment Lawyers Help Migrants And Settlers

When looking for lawyers helping migrants there are certain ways to avoid scammers. The number one thing to avoid is the ‘boiler room’ type ads, which are abundant in countries like Australia and New Zealand and are meant to be used as a way of recruiting new clients for the lawyers. These advertisements are often blatantly wrong and do not accurately represent the services that can be offered. In fact many advertisements that feature lawyers working specifically for the migration or settlement of an immigration status do not give the full facts about their services – read more

How To Migration And Employment Lawyers Help Migrants And Settlers

Immigration and employment lawyers helping migrants


A lawyer from assisting a client’s migration should be knowledgeable about both immigration law and employment law and should have a well-developed portfolio of past cases that demonstrate his/her skills as a specialist in these areas. There are some Australian migration lawyers who work solely with the government and may not be prepared to undertake cases that involve employers who are the source of the applicant’s problem. In such a scenario, a client might have to look for a lawyer who has knowledge of the workings of the immigration system and who can assist them in their respective cases. For instance, if the client has a genuine fear of being sent back to live in his original country because of failure to meet the requirements of the law, then they would require expert advice on how to proceed. If the person concerned has been refused leave to remain in the country after six months, then their application could be refused on the basis that they are not likely to return to Australia as a result of their circumstances. This could result in the loss of the chance to remain in the country under the International Labor Organization or the Australian Immigration Visa (IVA).

The immigration solicitor should also be able to help a client who is considering the removal of their children from offshore processing centers. The laws that apply to the parents of these children will differ greatly between various countries, and the Australian law will take precedence over any other foreign laws. While it is possible to get leave to remain within the country for a limited period of time after they reach the age of 18, failure to comply with Australian immigration obligations after the expiration of the leave to remain may result in the removal of the children to an offshore placement center. The services of a competent Australian immigration lawyer will make it far easier for these clients to achieve the outcome they desire.