Climate Action Summit 2014



The 2014 Community Climate Action Summit is coming to Brisbane this August.


Communities, businesses, schools, universities and industries all across Australia are looking past the political rhetoric to get on with the job of creating the kind of sustainable futures that we want to live in.


“An ounce of hope is worth a ton of despair.  And so, small as it may, be we must hold on to that hope and do everything that we can to amplify it. But fundamentally that means a fight against political corruption, and I believe that if we are to be effective as climate change campaigners we have to join forces with the political reformers …and massively boost that effort to reform campaign finance, to reform lobbying, to reform the corruption at the heart of our public life.”

George Monbiot from 2013 summit


Last year, about 500 people including scientists, engineers, health and other professionals, politicians, representatives from about 100 climate groups across Australia, and other concerned members of the public attended the Community Climate Network’s 5th Australian Climate Action Summit in Sydney from 21 to 23 June 2013.


This year’s theme is Opportunities and Solutions: How we in the commuity can bypass Government and corporate obstacles, to get to effective climate action.  It promises to be a breakthrough event, telling the new narrative of opportunity and positive action for ourselves and our planet.


We invite you to be involved, and to take the opportunity  to engage with, a wide cross section of passionate individuals, exciting businesses, industry and professional bodies working to boost the transition to a clean energy, jobs-rich, healthy, thriving economy, and meaningful futures for all of us.


This year’s Summit is branching out in some new directions. Major streams will be:

  • Brain Food – Get Your Facts Fix – climate and science updates, major national campaigns and plans from the big NGOs and grassroots networks
  • Let’s Do It! Get you hands-on training, for example in media management, non-violent direct action, ‘democracy school’, Transition training, divestment from fossil fuels, Gas Free Communities and much, much more….
  • Clean-Tech Showcase – come and see low emission and regenerative technologies available now, and glimpse  what’s waiting in the wings
  • Can We Talk? Learn how to have those difficult but meaningful conversations across the political divides, within the family, at work, at play/sport, and in business. With real insights, tips and practice
  • Heart & Soul Nurturing the Activist Spirit -  Repair from Despair! Do something for you inner activist with a range of fabulous events, workshops, music, performance and art
  • Climate Action Fringe Festival – including the “Cut the Crap” stand up climate comedy competition, with local and well known comedians, other visual and performance arts.


Keep an eye out for upcoming information about this year’s Summit – follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


If you would like further details, contact


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